Le Girard is in the Perigord Poupre, rolling green countryside scattered with many charming villages built in the local ochre coloured stone reminiscent of the Cotwolds in England, and is sometimes rightly called 'the land of a thousand chateaux' many of which are open to the public. 

Between the village and Bergerac lies the area known as Pecharmant, particularly famous for its robust red wines; our favourite is that from the Chateau de Tiregand, home to the Saint-Expuréy family whose best known son was Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of 'The Little Prince' and many fine books on flying. 

The rivers Vézère and Dordogne are within easy reach with charming towns and villages on their banks offering walking, boating, canoeing and nature watching.

The map below shows our location and you can use our direction finder to plan your route to Le Girard.

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